Sunday, June 27

Today ... we skate

I celebration of my birth and the winter solstice, today my lovelies and I are going ice skating.
Can't wait!

image via: the ellington experience

Tuesday, June 22

First, I was a weaver ....

fabrics make my heart race

Sunday, June 20

Tripping with Tolkien

I recently came across this book "J.R.R. Tolkien: Artist & Illustrator" in my local library and was whisked away. Now, I have to admit, for someone who has relished every fae inspired, magic filled fiction read; I am not a great Tolkein fan. In fact, I'm not a fan of the Lord of the Rings at all but perusing these pages sent me into compete awe of the fantastical, otherworldly brilliance of J.R.R.Tolkien. It has also inspired me to restock my watercolour collection; await results.

Monday, June 14

Things to do on a long weekend

Enter Winter Blues
Winter Blues: "Well, how do you do?"
Lazy Day: "There's no need to be all proper with me! I know your where you've been."
Winter Blues: "Now, my dear, there's no need to be snappy"
Lazy Day: "I'll be snappy if I want to, it's my life you're dripping all over!"
Winter Blues: "Truly, I think you're being a little hasty. Patience is a virtue, you know. One shouldn't judge a book by it's ...."
Lazy Day: "Grrrahhh, don't get all high and mighty with me. I know just what you're like and you'll just keep on at me until I give in; well, I won't have it. I won't!"

Thursday, June 10



A surprisingly yellow day


One by one they left the safety of
their box and entered the world.
They steeled themselves against the war
that is the life of protective plastic.
Enduring the onslought of the elements,
the pushing and prodding, inside and out.
Tumbling around backpacks and
hand-bags as if in a tumble dryer.
Occassionally they returned to
the drawer of their birth.
Scrubbed clean, only to be
sent out once more.
Then slowly, day by day,
they succembed.
Honourable lives lead in defense
Of the mundane, came to an end.
And so, they left our lives,
a race died out;
a vacant space arrived in the fourth drawer down.

The question:

Tuesday, June 8

I feel like this...

Thank you to Elaine of Heart Shaped Freckles for providing a sketch so evocative of my recent mood.

Thursday, June 3

Sorry I couldn't find you.

Do you cry when the trees bleed?
And dance with the willow when he sweeps you away?

When Lady Autumn's giant asters have shrunken
To a skeletal army, Where do you go?

And have you seen the world among the lichens?
Of brittle minted towers and curling cradles, silent.

The lambs'-ears grip the dew, as if to give
Their stout woolens a hint of the jewelled

And today I found a cavernous forest
Secreted away under the fleshy tops of fungi ...

But where were you?