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Some of the beautiful work seen at the Counihan's "Fuse" Exhibition; mentioned back here.

artwork: Carla Grbac, Sophie Lew, Sophie Canaway, Jess Kavunenko.

Sunday, December 12

Where I've been

You may have noticed the lack of posting of late, well that's because I have been keeping myself busy with other little projects. Here's a couple of them:

I helped Mel do this super lovely spring time wedding up in the hills near our farm. We made a lovely day out of it, worked in the morning, made some wholesome lunch, took ourselves into Woodend for coffee and cake, then watched dvds all evening as the torrential storms thundered down outside. Ahhh, blissful! More over here.

Then I also helped Mel on this:

 more over here.
Both Georgeous Events.

Thursday, December 9

Under the hammer ... and the pump

This weekend saw the culmination of weeks of hard work for both my Mum and her garden assistant extroadinaire as our property went up for auction ... 

Mum's friends gifted her with 2 BUCKETS of paeonies in anticipation of the big day. My job on the morning was to fill the house with flowers; Tori was put on raking ...I know who got the better deal!

Oh yes, and there was chocolate cake :-) Mum wisely invited friends around for little post-auction party, one of the neighbours, Bess, brought this jaffa iced cake with her; I've decided I quite like Bess.

Monday, December 6

Dinner Parties

Went to Jo & Dave’s for dinner the other night, Penny came too and we feasted on wholesome salad-y-ness. The evening involved much admiration of other’s creative projects: Jo’s currently going terrarium crazy. Dave’s been origami possessed for some time now, judging by the house’s decor and Penny, well, she’s got new ink. I really respect a lady who has the balls to get her own awesome illustrations permanently tattooed to her body; so cool Pen! Oh and let us not forget the other triumph of the evening ... Dave’s sago pudding with mango puree: orgasmic.

Currently sorting through millions of photos from recent adventures. Stay posted for some long needed, errr, posts!