Monday, March 28

Sunday, March 27

Vessel hunting

Tori and I went on a scavenger hunt in Castlemaine this weekend; fun! Look at my new friend, I think I'll plant her full of bright pansies or some such.

Monday, March 21

Flowers in the dome

J and I took care of this hanging floral display for a glorious Georgeous wedding on the weekend in the divine dome at 333 Collins Street while Miss Melanie was in charge down at the reception venue.

Look down

A while back:

Helped Mel on this one a month or so back and forgot to tell y'all.

Thursday, March 10

The cards say it all

Every now and then I pull out my cards; look what came up last week. Interestingly, a day later I had quit my job and indeed, I am now looking at a new phase in my life. Exciting isn't it?