Tuesday, May 25


I want you to see fragile
I wear stickers that say "Handle with Care"
Relics swaddled in cloth
Fine bone china and crystal
Tinkling chandeliers shivering in the breeze
Like butterflies wings.


Wednesday, May 19

Cape creating

I have grand aspirations for the fabrication of a fantabulous cape for winter. I found this 100% silk fabric for $4 meter and could see it's destination immediately. So here we go ... a hooded cape, jersey lined for winter warminess.

Inspirations via Trendsfashion 2010 and Elle

Saturday, May 15

Heike Weber

Utopia 2009 Germany 

Utopia 2009 Germany

I found this installation by Heike Weber via Le Terriroire de Sens absolutely mesmerising.

M is for May, M is for Mushroom


Cherry trees grow beside the train tacks
Copper leaved plums bruise the banks
Down the shaley slopes away from sight
To all those but us safely encased
 In our ch-chcking steel caterpiller
Glimpsing them in a flash

New Shoes

Thursday, May 13

Saturday, May 8

Happy Mother's Day

Love You Lots Mum

Friday, May 7

Inspirations of Khan

My current fascination:  the somewhat audaciously named "Archives of the Planet"
French philanthropist, Albert Khan commissioned the creation of an immense photographic survey of the everyday lives of people across the globe. These autochromes are intriguing as they capture ways of life that were fast dieing out in the rapidly evolving early 20th century. They are also sumptuously beautiful.

I also saw this show at Pigment Gallery in the Nicholas Building last week. I'm not always a still-life kinda gal but these jug and pot paintings (3rd down) had a lovely warmth to them. The peaceful, tonal approach to the subject was really evocative of well loved and well worn pottery.

Wednesday, May 5

Today I Hunted Ivy

Today I hunted for ivy
I pursued ivy ...
to make a heart.

I prowled the bylanes
and alleyways dark
in their autumnal crisp.

Icy puddle obstacles
trapped among the cobbles
grey, slate and blue.

In this quest,
few eyes glimpsed
my whispered passing.

Diversions arose
in the details of a
lost and rusting world.

Then all too soon,
Treasure! Cascades
of forest stars ... unwanted.