Friday, August 31

Oh the light!

I couldn't help myself, went snap crazy on these little guys.
Oh the pain, too much beauty... too much

Thursday, August 23

Wednesday, August 15

Small steps

Small steps... I'm just not very good at them. Maybe I should have been a writer because my imagination whisks me away on a daily basis. I have an amazing talent to form a teeny tiny concept within this mind of mine and within a matter of hours convert it into an entire, life encompassing, minutely detailed reality that must happen; and happen now!
I suppose that I should be glad that I am a big picture person but at the same time, this means that I am not so good at seeing the wood for the trees as it were.
I am getting better, though. I just have to keep pulling myself up and saying "Hey, slow down a minute, breathe, now, one thing at a time." But man, it's hard.
Cos I want it and I want it now :-)
I want to have an amazingly overflowing, beauteous and bountiful organic garden. I want to make bouquets from it everyday. I want to work in the sun, surrounded by flowers. I want to share it all with my wonderful boyfriend and fantastic friends. I want to keep my great day job at the florist and live in the country at the same time. I want to create, to cook, to sew and to sing. To get this little business off the ground and rocking. And I believe (maybe somewhat misguidedly) that I can do it all; chronic pain condition included.
Hmmmm ?
So, I suppose, if it's going to happen; I'd better practice my small steps and get a bit better on the patience thing!
Oh and one more thing... why can't I grow chocolate cosmos from seed if I want to, dammit?