Friday, September 9

Brushes and paint

I got all artsy for a bit there and enjoyed myself immensely. After failing to find anything I liked to gift to my gorgeous sister to decorate her house with; I decided to have a go with some paint myself.
Now, just because one is a creative character, it does not necessarily follow that they're any good at drawing & painting. I'm a good example of this phenomenon. Put a blank piece of paper or a canvas in from of me and say "There you go, create something" and I freak out. Big time. So this little project has been quite a learning curve for me. I basically created my own paint by numbers. I took some motifs from antique Suzani fabrics and scribbled them on the canvas. Then lined up my paints and started mixing. Once I had a palette of about 10 colors, I numbered the canvas to correspond  and voila, no more thinking or "creating" required. Phew, with the pressure off, all that was left was to do was meditatively paint in the shapes. Fun. What a revelation!
Now I'm thinking I might do an even bigger one for our house ...


They are my favorite.*
And they look lovely winding their way out of this Nouveau vase; even if it did take 6 bunches to fill it!
Every time I see the sun cascading in on them it warms my lil heart.

* subject to seasonal variation