The Urban Flower Farm

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lindsey myra

In a backyard, somewhere in the inner northern suburbs of Melbourne; something is growing. In fact, many things are taking root and throwing out their tendrils to the sun. I invite you to share their joy and embrace something new.

The Urban Flower Farm produces organic, true to type, heirloom blooms. Founded on biodynamic principles and rooted in a true passion for flora, Lindsey Myra and her little farm provide a positive, sustainable approach to cut flowers. 

Summer 2012 will see the first crops popping up. As well as getting some of our little beauties into to your hands, I will run workshops from the garden; so that we may all truly share in it's bounty. Some planned topics include: "Guerrilla Florista", The Garden Arrangement, Studies on Fruits and Flowers and more to come. Please watch this space and keep up to date on Facebook: The Urban Flower Farm.