Sunday, February 27

Hello Northern Hemisphere

Just wanted to a big hello and thank you Helen of Lilac and Lily. This lovely lady messaged me recently from the UK and then featured us on her delightful sight. Helen has amassed quite a collection of beautiful imagery over there and reading her "About" page, I feel sure we will be friends. Ditto on her whole "likes" list just swap the Sunday croissant for some organic spelt toast & I'm there. Thank you Helen.

Saturday, February 26

We ran out of Vegemite; Marmite isn't as good.

I also went to the op shop. Look what I found; and that's only half the stash! Somedays you just have that thrifting luck in your bones and it's best to roll with it.

Thursday, February 24


I'm currently experiencing a strong bout of the "Anywhere but here" syndrome. Living in the world can be hard. Most of the time you just keep your chin up & battle on but then one often receives a somewhat uncomfortable whiplash to the spirit and this inevitably throws one into an existential crisis ... or is it just me? And so I enter an active period of the aforementioned syndrome. For me this consists mainly of daydreaming of places I would rather be and inventing the most magical answers to the question: "If you had unlimited finances, time and good health; what would you want to do? What would your life be like?" Then if I really want to create an insomnia cocktail for myself, I follow that up with: "So what's stopping you?"

Images: The Isle of Man, my homeland (even if I was dragged up all ocha). I'm missing it.
images by Northline

Wednesday, February 23

Belated notations

I have found that it is much easier to take photos of other people's work. When it's your job, you just don't have the time. So thank you to the pro-photographer on Pete and Arwen's wedding; truly beautiful shots.

Mass Industry

It is truly delightful for to be surrounded by creating, making and doing beings on a sunshiney afternoon. Indeed, it makes one feel as if they too are achieving something! We were all busy as the proverbial stinging insects today, even the vegetables seemed to grow faster ... I think we will all sleep well tonight.

Monday, February 14

Thursday, February 10

Tuesday, February 8

Afternoon Tea

Made this, mailed this:

Inspired by Leslie's paper patchworks over at my new favorite blog: A Creative Mint.