Monday, December 19

People got married

A wedding that I actually went to as a guest; what a lovely change!
Check out the size of that gardenia. That's a proper tropics specimen, due to the fact that we were in the Byron Bay hinterland at the time. The bride's family just picked these from their own shrubs on the morning; heaven.
It was a weekend full of much, much love, great friends and excellent food. What more could you ask for? Beaches? Sunshine? Swimming before breakfast? Oh, well we had all that too :-)

We also had a birthday

or two in the last month.

Wanderings of the lost blogger

Aka: me.
Yikes! How did we get here already? Freaking crazy times have been had and clearly, I didn't think to sit down and document any of it here. So, as per usual, I will be playing catch up again.

There was a market: A Christmas Design Mini Market that is....

A gaggle of very clever friends set up a little market in the Kuwaii store in Brunswick the other week.  There were flowers and plants, jewellery and accessories, clothing and footwear and baked goods too!
Cecilia Fox was there and Tara Shackell, Trotski & Ash and Anna Varendorff, a few more without linkies and some home made lemonade too. Yum. 
I am always amazed and encouraged by the level of creative talent housed in this average sized suburb!