Friday, January 21

Things I like doing

Crocheting and reading Rumi; obviously not at the same time, that's a bit tricky.

Thursday, January 20

I also did some painting

Not that any of it was worth showing you proper, just some little watercolour doodles. Spot my new Staedtler fine liner set? I'm loving them.

Wednesday, January 19

I made these ...

I made myself a new t-shirt because I can't find a good one in the op shop! I also made this skirt out of an old "mu-mu" dress that I cut up ages ago, in the same day I also fixed 2 tops and almost finished a new pair of culottes ... then discovered that I had made them about 4 inches too big; so they're not quite done yet!

My pitcher plant gives me happiness ...

I just couldn't walk past him at Bunnings, I had to have him. Faye, this one is for you.

I did this ...


Thank you to Arwen & Pete for providing me with such a lovely celebration to decorate.

Tuesday, January 18

Remember me?

Yes I have been very lax with the blogging of late. I have been doing things though, so stay tuned for more stories.

Wednesday, January 5

Sumptuous Settings

Jo and I had a lovely time on Sunday eve helping Mel create this. Fancy having a wedding in the Queen Vic Markets? These reception tables ran the length of the deli hall and they looked fantastic. To top it all off, we went out for Champers n nibbles after; now that's my kind of work! More over here.