Friday, October 14

Winter whites and silverwear

Here's some pics from a Cecila Fox job we did a while back. It was a Georgeous event.This lil guy was probably my favorite of the day. Heliabores hold such hope in their nodding heads; don't you think? They're a little bit shy and sheepish but they can't help but smile because Spring is on the way. I'm smiling just thinking about them!

Spectacular ceilings

I'm a big fan of looking up ;-)
On of the things I love about my job is that I get to see inside buildings that I normally wouldn't even know existed. Some of them are quite pretty!

Thursday, October 13

Theatrical settings


Venue of the year?
More over at Mel's.

Wednesday, October 12

Filling in the gaps

I get a couple of day's rest at the farm and what do I do? Spend most of it on the computer! I kind of like it though, it's catch up time. I've been filing away photos and things to tell you for weeks, mainly because I was too exhausted to actually sit down and do it. Thanks to the Never- Ending Cold. Seriously, I've had this baby for over 5 weeks now; grrr. All I can say is I'm getting pretty good at swigging these naturopathic herbs. 
In between that, things have been slowly getting busier and busier. We're gearing up for Summer over at the Cecilia Fox studio. Which means my period of being voluntarily, predominately unemployed has come to an end. Exciting! The whole idea of taking time out was to try and improve my health (ha!) and to be able to work on some of the things I value; read yoga, art, weaving, making pretty things, spending time with friends and loved ones etc. The reality is, I hardly got any more of these things done than before and though I was a lot more relaxed; I realised that I love what I do and I love doing it. 
So let's see how long I can maintain my zen while working pretty much full time ...

Gifts such as these absolutely stunning lemon ranunculi from Mel definitely enhance the Zen. I've been staring at them for about 10 days now and I never tire of their beauty.

PS: I'm at the farm today

This azaelea is out
The bright yellow tree peonies are just popping

And this is out

And this

aaaahhhh sigh.

Bucket o succulents

I've collected some succulent babies from Mum's garden, planning on propagating them at chez Fred street. All our others succumbed to the tiny but pernicious teeth of our pet rabbit, Mona. You wouldn't think they'd be that tasty, would you? But she loves them, will climb ladders and jump onto high ledges to get to them! This spirited little bunnikins is uncageable, a regular Houdini. As a result, she has been free-range for a good 5 months now; the neighbours all know her by name and we've all given up trying to catch her. Having said that, she rarely strays from our yard; she knows where home is. But there are plans afoot for a Mega-Pen, because I just can't live without a garden for much longer. And I mean, NO garden; she's eaten EVERYTHING! My vegie patch is actually a big patch of dirt ... in which Mona likes to sun herself.
Ah the joys :-)