Saturday, October 30

More styling beauties

Again from the wonderful Deb McLean.

Friends in Creative Places # 2

It's the same friend, just wanted to post some more pics from Faye's.

Wednesday, October 27

... or just green:

The images below are from Melbourne's own Dosewell & McLean for the amazingly awesome BLOOM magazine!!! Those of you who know of BLOOM will totally condone my use of superlatives. To those who haven't yet had the pleasure of experiencing the work of Li Edelkort: I hope that changes soon.  Deb Mclean is a local stylist whose work I keep an eye on via her blog: Busy Being Fabulous.

Green and White

At this time of year, my Dad used to make a habit of saying: "Spring has sprung, The grass is riz', I wonder where the birdies is?" Given that he wasn't a huge one for poetry, I suspect that this was actually a Monty Python quote. One that was suitable to be repeated in front of the children, that is. I thought he was so cultured!

V & A ... that's all I have to say .... ever.

I will hold these memories close for years to come. Katherine, me and the most beautiful gallery in the world.

Friends in Creative Places #1

During my recent trip to the Isle of Man I was very excited to see the new work in progress of an old family friend, Faye.

Faye is a super talented ceramicist or potter, if you like; which I do because she is quite potty! That must be why we get along so well together. She has in the last year, set up a little studio in one of the family's unused farm buildings and with one little kiln she's whipping up a storm.

It is so inspiring to see other people making a go of their craft, it warms my little cockles! And what's even better is Faye gifted me one of her tea mugs before I came home, so I can remember to be inspired every time I drink a cup of tea ... and well, that's quite often.

Monday, October 25

Dead flowers are just as pretty

Coming home laden with brown paper bundles full of floral delights from my gorgeous friend Mel, I was forced to admit that the ranuncula had had their day. But, you know, there is such inherent beauty in a flower that they grant pleasure even in their final throes.

Huh, fancy that ...

Look what happened to me today.
There I was nonchalantly filling jars with floral bits and pieces, when I knocked one of said jars off the bench. This is how it landed. It sploshed water all over the floor whilst in mid-flight but landed upside down, half full and sealed!

Saturday, October 23

What can I say? I went to the farm ... I get very excited by flowers ... I have a camera; this is the result!

Thoughts from the Garden

It is the sensuous lure of Spring,
fickle in her pleasure taking,
that pushes the magnolia –
laden warm wafts of Summer
at you. Only to let them ebb
as the cooling stream of Winter’s
Favourite, violet, trickles over you.
a pulsating, yet languorous tease,
the spray of Summer’s surf
dousing the chill undercurrents
of Winter. Ebb and flow,
Waft and trickle, Summer’s
Pleasure, Winter’s sleep, promises
and memories hang
from Spring’s willowy tendrils.

Thursday, October 21

First Paeony

Isn't she beautiful????
I patiently abide, watching for Mum's paeonies to burst throught their bud cocoons, but this little treasure was waiting for me at Hanging Rock on the weekend! The first I have seen this year and what a spectacular show; quite unusual to see blooms like this on a tree paeony.

Aaaaahhhh, I just want to talk to her all day long.

Friday, October 15

People do eat odd things

Isle of Man, September:

Textures from the windswept, seaswept castle

We did go to the park


This was Sunday, now it's thursday and it's grey and pouring; oh well, you've got to take the good with the bad!

I tried my hand at English floristry

... it's somewhat different to what we do here ...

Carnations a plenty, on the other hand, check out that pink and green bouvardia.


... it's the name of a town. Cousin Liam and I had a lovely afternoon skipping stones into the surf, climbing rocks, exploring the ancient castle and taking photos (number 2 is his).

Thursday, October 14

Things one does on a sleepy island

Sharpen pencils for your cousin's art homework ...

Bake Lemon Curd Fairy Cakes for your Nana's birthday ...

Be continuously amused by the cuteness of slightly annoying and very snuffly small dogs ...