Thursday, August 19

Christien Meindertsma

via Christien Miendertsma

Luis Beltran ... magical

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Gallery outing

I finally shuffled my little self into the metropolis, yesterday, to see The European Masters. It was brilliant, so many influentional and truly stunning works; I'm bursting awe and with inspiration!

This Sisley was the stand out for me:

The notes in my journal read "... movement; tension b/n amount & directions of = pulling but gentle; amazing paint tech ; shits all over the Courbet & Monet either side." I think that sums it up nicely.

I could of course post a commentary of nearly the whole show, but I'll spare you :-)
One thing I found interesting, besides the actual artworks that is, was the paraphenalia accompanying them. I was quite absorbed in all the souvenirs and the choice of images used to represent the show. Everything from the usual postcards & bookmarks to fridge magnet sets, cups, coasters, even the trays to serve your tea on. The badges were particularly novel. Marketing hard at work!

I think this is a good idea

Somedays the world is just a bit big and scary and you would really rather just curl up in a quiet, cosy corner somewhere. Most times we smudge a smile onto our pale faces and step out into it anyway. But how wonderful would it be if everyone you came into contact with at these times, knew to take it easy with you today?

I think I'm going to buy some of this:

And when I'm feeling a little bit wobbly, I'll just cut off a strip & stick it to my jumper! In fact, I can think of a number of friends who might also like to use this fantastic Rob Ryan designed  tape.

Monday, August 16

Thank you Brunswick

I am continually fascinated by the beautiful array of natives we see these days. It's so fantastic to see people  embracing the simple aesthetic of our own flora; here's just a few that I saw in my burb the other day.


Sunday, August 15

Ivano Vitali


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Bread Notes

Thought I might just follow up on Monday's post; Mischa has developed her Loaf Repetoire at astonishing speed, this morning I breakfasted on homemade wholemeal FRUIT sourdough. Yummmmm.
Now, I think that is enough posting re food, onto other things...

Green Tambourines

The best homemade baked beans I've had, at The Green Tambourine. I am so happy to have a nice cafe just around the corner, one that I actually like to spend time in! Ah, I'm such a fussy little poppet.

Tuesday, August 10

Making Bread

Great excitement in our house this Sunday as Mischa made her first loaf of sourdough! Isn't it pretty? Once she's mastered it, I'm going to give it a try too; we have great dreams of fruit loaf and spelt sourdough. Oooooh.

Sunday, August 8

Olaf Hajek

Mother Nature, 2010; Flowerhead, 2010; Welcome, 2010; Natureman 2, 2010.

It appears that I have been somewhat slow on the uptake with this one but I just discovered Olaf Hajek. Flicking through the recent "OBJECTS" journal, which my housemate kindly brought back with her from Berlin, I was mesmerised by these beautiful images. Follow the links for a magical illustrative voyage of your own while I go and pull out my painting gear ...

Not writing

When my pen is empty, I forget to write.

Thursday, August 5

The train

This morning my train sang,
A haunting, echoing, three note call.
Like the mournful bay of a whale,
A voice rising above the clash of metal.

As we click-clacked our way
Towards a mundane place,
Our train's song lingered,
An ethereal wail to it's distant kin.

Wednesday, August 4

Wednesday's Winter Whimsy

Look what I found on my walk today.

Retour Organique, 2010 by Sara Nothrop & Claudia Gleave.

Installation discovered in the window of my local, The Edinburgh Castle, as I strolled past this misty grey afternoon. A miniture paper wonderland inviting all sorts of imaginings. Thank you to all the artists in the world.

Monday, August 2


Found this portrait bound typwriting exercise book in the op shop and couldn't help myself. At the check out the keen eyed lady serving me asked "For Art?" Hmmm, how did she know?

A penchant for poetry

One might have noticed by now, that I am quite partial to a bit of verse. Recently, I grabbed a couple of op shop bargains in the poetry department and the new additions prompted me to sit back and look at my lovely little collection. I did of course follow this perusal with some actual reading. This gorgeous little Collins "Poems of Action" provided quite a varied bunch; from 'Never heard of him" to "Oh I love this one" to the all important "Well, I really ought to read that one." I am coming to realise how much I really do love books, maybe when I grow up I will own an emporium that houses a book shop, tea house and florist; all in one!
What shall I call it? ....

Sunday, August 1

Textiley terrificness

One's birthday ought to last at least a month, don't you think? Apparently my loved ones think so; how lucky for me! My Mum arrived back from the UK with her very heavy luggage loaded with presents and no, they weren't all for me. There were a fair number for her good self, some for my (now 25 year old) sister and a couple for me. This amazingly inspirational book was a birthday present from my Nana.

Nature + thread + pattern + stitches+ colour + photography + fiber = Winning Combination.
Thank you Nana.