Saturday, July 31

Urban Verse

This is nearly as quiet as the
city gets ... in daylight.
The slight haze of summer
mornings floating into autumn's
ochre arms.
Punctured and fractured by the
optimistic white light of the sun.
My still shower-warm thighs
shocked in bar like formation
by bitter Victorian era green.
I sit faced by a comfy
red brick station house
now splattered in the paraphernalia
and mechanics
of a modern day system.

Beautiful Accident

Thursday, July 29

Tuesday, July 20

Viewing of the Week

I saw Le Herisson (the Hedgehog) last night and it was delightful; I highly recommend it.
Absurd and laced in childish whimsy, a perfect combination for me.

Sunday, July 18

Oh to brighten up the winter

Amazing knitwear from Annie Larson, a Minneapolis based textile designer / producer. She and her work are attitude + +.
Oh, how I would love some of those leggings; I am tempted to get my knitting machine out!

Tuesday, July 13

What I missed

How many times throughout my life that I have kicked myself for not getting to see an exhibition? Honestly, I have lost count. I recently glanced up at the little poster advert on my wall for the Rupert Bunny exhibition at NGV and thought to myself: "I should do that soon." Then I peered closer, it seems the aforementioned exhibition finished on the 4th July; I've done it again!
And I was so looking forward to strolling among his languidly reclining pastel beauties, reading the odd stanza from D.H.Lawrence and taking myself to tea afterwards.
The ticking crocodile has swallowed Mr Bunny.

Thursday, July 8

I've been painting

Just little bits, but it's better than nothing. I really like this white ink on brown paper. Ah, brown paper; you were perhaps my first love.

Details of a visit

Sharing the love

I welcomed my gorgeous sister home this morning ... by filling her house with flowers.
It made us both happy!

Wednesday, July 7

I went to see this

... at the Collingwood Gallery on the weekend. I was drawn to the atmospheric works of Elmedin Zunic and, not surprisingly, to Trudy Moore's simple, yet striking "Door Frame". Having spoken to the woman, I had a feeling she would produce the kind of work that interests me :-)

Sunday, July 4

Crafternoon at Libby's

Well, mostly we drank tea, ate cake and chatted.
Then we moved the crochet lesson to the pub!

Thursday, July 1

I ran ...

I ran through a field of thistles
purple, fluff, puff
Amethyst shimmers
Two feet off the ground
Held up by a misty blue
of branching, arcing, zig-zag leaves
Serated knife edge skirts
beckoning to dance, then
Tearing me to shreds.

Parcel of Pretty

And then comes a parcel which takes my breath away.


Every year I think to myself "I'm not going to have much of a birthday." You must understand, this is not said in a mopey depressive tone, just in a slightly apathetic one. Yet, every year, without fail, I am completely astounded by the oodles and oodles of love showered upon me in celebration of my own little anniversary. It ever comes as a complete surprise that I have so many beautiful and caring friends around me. This year their appreciation of everything Lindsey was displayed in the form of their many and varied gifts.
Pyjamas and slippers, notebooks and yarn, silver tea-scoops and embroidered brooches, snuggly mohair jumpers and home-made body scrubs ... the list continues; and so does my gratitude.