Thursday, November 25

Missing old friends

I have been missing my loom lately; wishing to be weaving and reminiscing of the days when that was all I could think about. My faithful 8 shaft is packed away at Mum's at the moment, mainly because I don't have any room for it here. But also because I got sick of looking at it, knowing that I didn't have the time or the energy to make something; it used to pull sad faces at me, you know, with big googley puppy-dog eyes. Anyway, I'm starting to feel that tug again, maybe it was because I discovered this lovely young lady in Chile:

Karen Barbe

images via flickr: karen barbe

In addition to the above, tonight I'm going to the RMIT Textiles Grad Show at the Counihan. I'm really looking forward to it, sure to see many a friendly and very familiar face. I really do cherish the 5.5 years I managed to stretch that course out for; it's such a great program. Having seen some teaser shots on Facebook, I think I am going to be super impressed by the quality of the work, it's amazing how each year the standard jumps up another notch! Tonight might provide a cure for my weaving desire but I think it more likely to fuel the little textiley tornado that is building inside me ...

p.s. I just discovered that one of my fellow RMIT weavers, Carla, also has a blog. Check it out if you don't get what I'm talking about :-)

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