Wednesday, October 12

Bucket o succulents

I've collected some succulent babies from Mum's garden, planning on propagating them at chez Fred street. All our others succumbed to the tiny but pernicious teeth of our pet rabbit, Mona. You wouldn't think they'd be that tasty, would you? But she loves them, will climb ladders and jump onto high ledges to get to them! This spirited little bunnikins is uncageable, a regular Houdini. As a result, she has been free-range for a good 5 months now; the neighbours all know her by name and we've all given up trying to catch her. Having said that, she rarely strays from our yard; she knows where home is. But there are plans afoot for a Mega-Pen, because I just can't live without a garden for much longer. And I mean, NO garden; she's eaten EVERYTHING! My vegie patch is actually a big patch of dirt ... in which Mona likes to sun herself.
Ah the joys :-)

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