Monday, January 30

The obsession continues

... with grass that is.I even got to put some in this weekend's bouquets - yay!I've been drooling over the Diggers catalogue and creating an amazing garden in my mind. I would dearly love to make it reality but feel constantly disillusioned by the other reality, that is I live in a rental property and could be thrown out at any point. I am also intimidated by the fact that these things cost money. "They don't have to cost much" you say or "A little, but the enjoyment you get out of it is worth so much more"... And I start to feel feeble. But truly, I don't have much to spare and nothing is going to grow here without a significant soil injection! Then again, I hear the voice of a very good friend echo in my mind "Lindsey, just fucking do it." Hmmm, so maybe the reality is, I could actually get over all that stuff; if I only had some more time. This seems to be a continuing theme in my current existential crisis. I continue to ask the Universe for guidance.In the mean time, I take solace in looking at the details...

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