Wednesday, September 26

My New Yoga

I am slowly starting to realise that flower farming is my new yoga.
It is actually a very long time since I have practised physical yoga and for an equally long time, I have been mortally ashamed of this fact. So ashamed that to even think about my old practice and the dedication I had, made me cry. How un-yogic is that?
At the same time, I know that I practise yoga each and everyday. I try to be present and aware, I try to watch my thoughts and keep good company. Basically, I try to be happy... as much as I can. The concept of "good company" is a great one to live by (in my and Buddha's humble opinions). It is based on a Vedic philosophy which arises from the Sanskrit word "satsang" which means: in the company of the highest truth. This can mean "go hang out with a guru" or  "eat healthy food" or "don't watch crappy TV". It's an all-encompassing concept, which to me has basically come to mean: only surround yourself with good (positive) things and search out that which makes you a better person.
So I try not to watch rubbish TV or indeed, the news, because when I watch it I get upset. I try to eat well, I try to stay healthy and I choose to have lovely, caring, positive and inspiring people around me. I don't cross The River, because it makes me judge myself too much and I try to get outside as much as I can because my mind just seems to still when faced with Nature.
Now, I am going to put in another pretty picture because this is all getting a bit heavy.
The other day, I woke up sad. It just happens sometimes. I put sugar in my coffee (first ever) and cried along to Kev Carmody in the car, but still just felt bummed. So when I got home, I said to myself "What can you do that will make you happy?"
The answer was play with flowers.
I wandered slowly around Mum's magical garden, taking it all in and snipping little pretties along the way. I got out my favorite vases, made a cup of tea, put on some female indie folk singer (apparently, that's all I listen to?!) and made arrangements. Just because I can.
And I felt better.
To me, this is yoga, this is satsang in action.
Time for another one of these:
So here is my point, all those things I try to create in my life, the better me that I try to be; it all happens naturally and easefully when I am working in the garden. And so, I'm going to keep at it,  I haven't managed a proper crop yet but as I am reminded daily ... these things take time.
These things take time.

Singing along to this.
Ah, so this post totally took a wrong turn at some point?! Was going to tell you how working with farm machinery mechanics is totally like dealing with transport officials in India; oh well.


This Girl's Hands said...

Preach sister! Flowers are my meditation and my therepy. They cheer me up and humble me too. How lucky are we :)

lindseymyra said...

This Girl, thanks for commenting!
How have I not found you before my dear?
Where abouts in Australia are you, lovely to find more kin :-)