Saturday, September 8

Today is good.

Today is good. I have been a very blessed little lady of late and today was a reminder of that. When you're exhausted from driving between your cottage in the mountains and the big smoke, tired of living out of your car boot and nearly in tears because it's too wet to rotavate and it needs to happen yesterday; it's easy to forget. This week, for the first time since I decided to work on developing The Urban Flower Farm, I thought "Why am I doing this to myself? I should just give up." It was just a brief thought, it didn't last long but it happened. Then the good old family determination (or stubbornness, it's all in the way you look at it) kicked in. I will make this work! And who really needs it all to happen yesterday, my dear? The flowers? Or maybe it's you ...?
Tou-shay, LB, tou-shay.

However, today, things happened.
New friends came to the urban plot. We drank tea and ate cake, we mixed poo and soil. We planted out all the lil seedlings and then, all of a sudden, it was possible; it was happening. In celebration, we tested all of the home-made spirits :-)
The funny thing is, earlier in the day I had nearly called a rain-check on it. The judgement imps were raising their pointy little heads and their raucous voices. "The place is in a mess."
"I haven't had time to bake." "My little project is at a standstill." "They're going to think I'm a lost cause" "It looks unprofessional..." "They're going to realise that I am not Superwoman, I'm not perfect and then they might tell the rest of the world and ... etc. etc."
I sat it out, I busied my itching fingers as they kept stretching for the phone and I'm so glad that I did; what a wonderful afternoon I would have missed out on! How silly those little imps look now.

Listening to this with a warm belly and a smile on my face.

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