Tuesday, December 4


We are growing.
The Urban Flower Farm is starting to become something other than a dream.
Flowers are popping up all over the place and this week, I will pick some bunches to sell.
Looking around today, I have the most immense sense of peace.
I am so goddamn lucky.
And you know what, I feel like I'm finally getting somewhere. Me, not my plants or my "career" (ah by the way, I don't really have one) or my wardrobe or my financial status ... Me.

This morning my sister and I met with old school friends (also sisters). Over breakfast we all laughed hysterically at how far removed our dreams and lives are from the crazy expectations we had during our teens. As school kids all of us were driven, talented and I hate to say it but we were, whether we like it or not, all "high achievers". I thinks it's fair to say that we have all spent our twenties pulling apart the driven and "high achieving" parts of ourselves; realising somewhere along the way that actually maybe that wasn't "us" per se, it was merely a reaction to our environment. And what's left after all that hard slog is four talented women ... who are happy. 
We joked about how my - recently Olympic medal winning - sister should tell our fellow schoolgirls in her address to them this evening, that yesterday she had to empty her piggy bank in order to go get food from the market and no, she doesn't have a job at the moment and actually she's not entirely sure what she's going to do... 
I felt really proud of us all :-)
And I felt proud of me, I've figured a lot of stuff out this decade. I reckon I'm on to a good thing, just for now, I feel like I've got it sussed.

I came home to this (from Erin at Floret) and it just reinforced that feeling.

 ... worth bookmarking for when you start to doubt!

What if money didn't matter? This question keeps me real.

This Watts guy's voice reminds me a lot of Anthony de Mello ... another wise dude worth listening to:

During my yogi days I spent many hours listening to the truth this man speaks.
Hearing his voice again today makes me realise how far I have come.
It also makes me sad, there go some quiet tears for the people who aren't around to see it.

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This Girl's Hands said...

Brilliant LB. You are a star. x