Saturday, December 8

The Urban Flower Farm goes to market.

After all the change ups that 2012 has presented, I got to the point where I thought to myself: "If I just do one little market and sell 3 bunches of my special flowers, I'll be happy".
So, I guess we can consider me happy now!
At the last minute, I got the go ahead to have a stall at Sprout Community Market. So we rustled up some bunches and with the help of an enthusiastic friend, found some props, made some signs and tagged up some of my crafts and off we went.
It was a lovely evening and I sold out of flowers (yay!). Nearly all of them went to one eager friend and supporter; I am so very lucky to have these people in my life ... you know who you are :-)
Got lots of good feedback, learnt a lot, we're on the way. 
One little step at the time!

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